Organic Ceylon Cinammon 40gr
Organic Ceylon Cinammon 40gr

Organic Ceylon Cinammon 40gr

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Organic Superfood are a great source of multivitamins, minerals and all the essential nutrients your dog needs. Instead of synthetic vitamins and minerals we choose 100% organic wholefoods.


What Type of Cinnamon is good for dogs?

Ceylon cinnamon is the best type to give to your dog and other pets. A sprinkle of powder into your dog’s meal includes anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to slow or stop bacteria growth.


Kidney Disease:
Cinnamon improves the kidney’s ability to filters out substances. The
antibacterial properties of cinnamon can help prevent bacterial growth
and treat infections in the kidneys and urinary tract of dogs.

Cinnamon for Dog Teeth:
Use cinnamon as a natural remedy for bad breath in dogs. It effectively
helps to eliminate bacteria in the mouth.

Kennel cough:

True cinnamon has strong antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
properties, and acts as an antioxidant and one of the world´s most
powerful natural antibiotics.

Cinnamon for Overweight Dogs:

▪ It speeds up metabolism
▪ Controls blood sugar levels in diabetic dogs
▪ It lowers LDL which is a great indicator for diabetes in Dogs

Gastrointestinal Health:

Use it in combination with local raw honey to relieve flatulence, diarrhoea and other symptoms of upset stomach.

Cinnamon for Dogs with Cancer:

has antioxidants that help boost immunity. It is a strong antibiotic which helps fight off adjunct infections in dogs with cancer.Studies have shown that cinnamon could alter the growth of cancer cells.

Cinnamon for arthritis for dogs:
Cinnamon is rich in elements such as magnesium and manganese.
These are very important for bone development.

Daily Dosage