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Beef Tendon 150gr

Beef Tendon 150gr

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Long lasting dog chew Beef Tendon

Completly natural and gently dried to get the most out of it

100% natural chew made from gently dried Beef Achilles Tendons. The dried Beef Tendon for dogs is completly digestible and carefully dried (dehydrated) to ensure optimal quality, consistency and flavor.

A great way to treat, train, and reward our best four-legged friends – The Beef Achilles Tendon is very low in fat but a rich source of quality protein. These highly palatable, large tendons are also the perfect treat for dental hygiene. The intensive chewing strengthens the dog’s jaw and promotes good oral hygiene through the mnical cleaning of the teeth. A perfect chew to keep the dog busy and happy for a while!

Of course our Pets Best Beef Tendon are all natural and grain-free with no preservatives, additives or artificial colors.

They have a length of approx. 15-20cm.