Can Cat Scrather & House

Can Cat Scrather & House

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Funny cat scratcher CAN

Here’s a totally unique cat scratcher that both you and your cat will love! It is common knowledge that cats love a cardboard box to play with, and this CAN made of cardboard will be no exception. Treat your cat to this cool place for relaxing, climbing and sharpening its claws!

Eye-catching design

If you are looking for something distinctive which will give you and your friends a good laugh as well as your cat endless playtime, the CAN will be the absolute answer! This scratching post – made in the shape of an empty food can – creates a perfect hideaway with dual entrances. Curious cats can climb on top of the CAN in order to use it as a platform from which they can watch the world go by. Imagine all the photo opportunities you will have with this fun cat scratcher!

Save the furniture in your home

Because scratching is a natural instinct for cats, you cannot expect to train your cat not to scratch. The best thing you can do if you want to keep your cat away from the sofa is to provide an alternative scratching surface – a cardboard scratching post. The entire surface of this CAN is covered with high quality corrugated cardboard which will promote endless scratching and playing. Just sit back and have a giggle at your cat scratching this CAN and help keep him away from scratching your favourite sofa!

Must-have for every interior

The CAN is a must-have for every trendy home, offering an ideal place to scratch for your cat without spoiling the look of your living room. This eye-catching design creates a perfect spot for your furry friend to spend his days. From the moment your cat steps inside, he never wants to leave again!