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Chicken n' Beef Sticks with Rice

Chicken n' Beef Sticks with Rice

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Hypoallergenic natural treat

Dehydrated sticks made of free-range chicken meat, beef liver, paddy brown rice, natural broth made of chicken, eggs, turmeric, herbs and spices.


  • 100% natural

  • Hypoallergenic treat

  • Gluten and grain-free

  • 0% salt – 0% sugar

  • 100% premium quality real meat

  • No artificial and added aromas

  • No artificial and added colorants

  • Naturally dehydrated

  • Rich in protein

  • Hormone-free

  • Of Greek origin

Keep in a dark, dry place and consume within 2 weeks from the day of opening as it is preservative-free!

Energy sticks made of fresh free-range chicken meat, beef liver that has been simmered in chicken broth, paddy brown rice and eggs. No preservatives, no additives. Dehydrated using the hot air dehydration method that prevents roasting. It is given as a food supplement, as training and as a reward to your beloved dog. All nutrients, vitamins and trace elements are preserved.


Minced meat made of fresh chicken meat, beef liver, paddy brown rice, natural broth made of chicken, eggs, turmeric, herbs and spices

Chicken broth: The broth has collagen rich in amino acids which protect the dog’s joints. It helps the detoxification process providing essential and valuable nutrients.

Turmeric: It has strong anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties and is rich in antioxidants. It also helps maintain a healthy skin and eyes, fortifies the immune and the digestive system and slows down the evolution of autoimmune diseases.

Eggs: they are a complete and balanced food, rich in essential nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A, riboflavin, folic acid, iron, vitamin B12, selenium, fatty acids.

Oregano: An herb known for its antimicrobial properties is used in Pharma and is highly beneficial to your dog’s health. It can treat cough, bronchitis, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal problems, flatulence or indigestion. Research suggests that it helps combat the -all too often reported- arthritis in dogs.


Dehydrated treats are suitable for all breeds and dog sizes.

The following table shows recommended treat quantities per week according to your dog’s size. However it is safer to adjust recommended quantities to their lifestyle and appetite.

Small: 1-2

Medium: 2-4

Large: 3-5