Collagen Powder 300gr
Collagen Powder 300gr

Collagen Powder 300gr

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Combinations of raw materials to reinforce damaged ligaments.

Consisting of chondrocytes that help ligament thickness increase.Collagen keeps the ligament compact, mussel flour holds the soft ligament and ginger root acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Ideal supplement for dogs with:


-Joint Problem

-Joint Pain and stiffness 

Hydrolyzed collagen (40%), micronized animal by-products (30% cartilage of which 10% chondroitin sulfate), green mussels 25%, products obtained from the transformation of herbs (ginger root 5%).

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 68.8%, crude fiber 2%, crude fats 6.4%, raw ash 8.8%.

Instuction for use:
Administer for at least 3 months mixed with the usual food 6g of product (1 scoop = approximately 6g) per day for every 30Kg of body weight. This period of use can be repeated every three to four months.
Always leave fresh, clean water available. Keep in a cool and dry place.