Daily Care Set

Daily Care Set

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Taking care of your pet's daily needs is really important, not only from the nutritional part, but also the skin hygiene for optimum health. We have created the most amazing beneficial set for daily use with trully natural & organic skin care products for great results and keeping your pet skin soft, fabulous and healthy.

*We recommend the Daily Care Set for pets with:

- Prone to Ear Infections

- Dogs with pointy ears ( shepherds, doberman, chihuahua, westies, husky etc...)

- For coat with medium to long hair that need a lot of brush

- Weepy Eyes and stains caused by tears and enviromental allergies or food sensivities

*(Daily Care Set can be used for any type of breed dog)

Daily Care Set included:

- 1x Eye Care Ointment:

Eye Care Tear Stain Cleanser safely cleanses and removes stains and uncomfortable debris around the eyes without harmful ingredients. Cleans dirt, grime, and bacteria that can cause infection in and around the eyes. Eye Care uses Organic Aloe, Silver Ions, Chamomile and Green Tea with soothing properties and antimicrobial properties and is ideal for sensitive skin. Contains Extracts of Bilberry, Cane, Maple, Orange and Lemon, which have antioxidant properties and remove dead cells helping the growth of new healthy cells. 

- 1x Daily Brush Spray:

Daily Brush Silky Texture Spray is a natural powerful conditioning & detangler spray for daily brushing. Perfectly safe for dogs or cats and can be used on wet or dry hair and will not leave a sticky feeling on the coat. Daily Brush Spray can be used for brushing to maintain hair in great condition. Daily Brush Spray reduces the stress of brushing and combing. Gentle formula can be used daily on wet or dry coats and does not require rinsing. 

- 1x Ear Cleaner:

Advanced Ear Cleanser is a 2 in 1 Silver lotion that is great for cleaning the ears/ear canal and deodorizing paws & skin. It fights bacteria and fungi, removes dust and excess wax without irritating in the most natural way. Great assistance for numerous ear diseases and allergies. Excellent for protection of the ear and ear canal from potential threats, especially for pets with outdoor activities.