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All-natural dog chew Deer Bone

The ultimate, allergy-friendly chew for our dogs has arrived

It’s time for dogs with beef allergies to take back the chew with the ultimate in unique protein chews: The great Pets Best Deer Bone! Made from Europe sourced, free range, grass-fed deer, our all-natural Deer Bone is an air dried, single ingredient bone that’s ideal for dogs with common allergies. The gentle drying process doesn’t just make the bone taste extra delicious, but it also helps to toughen it up to withstand your dog’s chewing. And the constant chewing and shape are great for the dogs teeth and gum health.

Our Deer Bone is made without any sort of weird additives or artificial ingredients to give our poochs the safest chewing experience possible. A bonus? They’re made in Europe to assure the highest quality! No artificial ingredients, no grain or other filler – just 100% real deliciousness.


All benefits at a glance:

  • 100% Deer
  • No artificial additives
  • Gluten- and lactose-free
  • Helps support healthy teeth and gums
  • Low in cholesterol and fat
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Recommended for M & L and XL breed dogs



This product is made of 100% Deer, without the addition of grain, chemicals, preservatives or other extenders.