Hair Treatment Set

Hair Treatment Set

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Hair Treatment Set specifically created for weak, broken hairs that need density and repair of damaged coats. + FREE 100% natural cotton mini pet towel!

Suitable for dogs like: Chow chow, Pomeranians, German Spitz, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodles, Border Collie, Huskies, Jack Russell (long hair coat), generally for breeds like Hard Coat, Curly Hair & Wired Hair.

What does the set include?

Miracle Volume Shampoo 250ml:

A unique blend of keratin and silk proteins that thickens the coat and adds density and volume to each hair shaft while gently cleansing. What the proteins do is attach themselves to the individual strands of the coat increasing the diameter of each hair shaft adding a full, rich, and denser look to the coat. The proteins strengthen damaged hair by connecting and sealing broken protein bonds. Hair is restructured at the molecular level, leaving it stronger and smoother. The Volume Shampoo offers deep hydration and strong antistatic properties for easier brushing.

Conditioner 200ml:

Rejuvenating Conditioner with a refreshing scent of poppy and sandalwood. Rich hair moisturizing effect, repairs, and strengthens the coat with antistatic properties for softening knots. It creates a silky texture and enhances volume and shine. Can be used frequently for resilient strength, moisture, and flexibility. Amazing results from the first use, since the natural conditioning oils, absorb into hair for softness and brilliant shine.

Posh Volume Hair Spray 250ml:

Posh Volume Hair Spray gives hair volume boost and a full-bodied look. At the same time, it does not weigh hair down and makes it elastic to the touch. Not greasy, sticky or stiff. The more you use the bigger the volume, the thicker the coat. Can be used for overall body, volume and texture or just at the roots to lift the coat.

How to use the products

First use the Miracle Shampoo and leave it well for max 5' min on your pet coat,massage thoroughly the shampoo and rinse well.

Second apply the Conditioner and leave it well for max 5' min on your pet coat,massage thoroughly the Conditioner and rinse well. Then dry well with a towel. If possible, use a hairdryer as well.

Last one use the Posh Volume Hair Spray few sprays are enough for a rich full-bodied look. You can use th Volume Hair Spray 2 times a week, complete treatment set can be used twice a month or as needed.