Protein Rich Set

Protein Rich Set

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Protein rich set has been created to support your pet coat, skin & hair.

Contain Organic &  Natural products that are rich in proteins (silk & keratin) vitamins and minerals for optimum coat health.Suitable for any hair type!

What does Protein Rich Set contain?

Protein Rich Mask:

Powerful Leave-in plant-based protein mask with vitamins E, C, D and active amino acids. A curative treatment that inserts into the coat for optimal conditioning. A rich blend of organic aloe, organic argan oil and organic extra virgin olive oil. Conditions the coat and penetrates mats and tangles leaving coats revitalized and easy to manage. Helps restore health, volume and natural brightness to dry coats. Repels dirt and dust for a long-lasting clean. A unique leave-in mask and dematting formula that is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Can be used daily on wet or dry coats and does not require rinsing.

On dry coat: Simply rub the mask into the pet's coat and skin and let dry without rinsing.

On wet coat (after bath): Rub lotion into the pet’s coat and skin, dry well with a hairdryer for best results without rinsing.  

We recommend using the Protein Mask twice per month. If the coat is weak can be used once in a week for better results.

Keratin Restore Shampoo:

Rich and healthy hair with Keratin Restore shampoo that restores the coat to its natural state. Reduces hair loss and repairs damaged or dry hair. It enhances the toughness and elasticity of the hair from the very first wash. It comes with irresistible orchid scent.

Dazzling Brightness Spray:

Dazzling Brightness is an Organic Argan oil and Vitamin E lotion blend. Gives natural silky texture and revives the beauty of your pet’s coat by enhancing brightness. Can also be used for demanding knots before washing the dog. Does not require rinsing and does not wet nor dry out the pet’s skin. Great for application after the bath or occasional use for brightness, natural silky texture and easier brushing.

Microfiber Pet Towel:

A great towel for drying dogs and cats of different breeds and sizes. The towel is made of ultrasoft microfiber, machine washable, and super absorbent, making drying your pet easy. The towel is lightweight, durable and easy to carry.  Can also be used to protect your couch, car, bed, or chair or to keep your pet cosy and comfortable while travelling.