Puppy Set

Puppy Set

Organic Dog Chef
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New member in the family? We got you covered! We created a special set for puppies that contains organic & natural pet care products , treats and of course training pads to avoid bad days!

What does puppies set include?

Deep Clean Shampoo 250ml: 

designed for use as a first-hand shampoo for efficient removal of dirt, grime, and odour without being harsh on the skin/coat. Made with organic Aloe Vera and Organic Olive Oil for gentle sooth the skin and coat.  *We recommend bathing puppies on age 3 months old!

Dry Shampoo 150ml:

Premium Quality Dry Foam Shampoo with a playful Powder scent. A quick and easy way to clean the pet, anytime, everywhere without the use of water. Useful when the pet is not cooperative in the bathroom or for quick cleaning. Good also for occasional cleaning of the sensitive area, for ears & paws after a walk. Dry shampoo is ideal for puppies that can't have a bath because is too early. Suitable for puppies and sensitive skin too!Use it on a dry or wet towel or a napkin and then massage the pet on the required area. The formula is gentle and it can be used frequently. 

Organic Dog Chef Training Treats:

Our unique dog treats are perfectly cutted in a shape of small cubes for training days. Organic Dog Chef treats are made with pure, organic & natural ingredients that are friendly to your pet digestive system. Made without potatoes, wheat, rice, peas, synthetic vitamins & minerals, meat flavouring like bacon or ham.

Mini Pet Towel & Training Pads:

High-Quality Mini Pet Towel for cleaning paws, face and after bath. Crafted in a natural beige tone with extra-long fibers for superior absorbency and remarkably soft touch. Made from 100% natural cotton fabric.  

The M-PETS carbon training pads are thicker and absorb twice amount of liquid than normal training pads. Is designed to keep your floor clean and dry. The top layer is made of Carbon Technology that provides max absorption and removes odor quickly. The middle layers help turns liquid into gel, which holds more fluid than usual training pads. The bottom layers are made with high endurance that prevents the pads from wearing and tearing, keeping the liquid from staining your floor.