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Sensitive Skin Set

Sensitive Skin Set

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Allergies , Hot spot , Red skin and itchiness can be caused by many factors included: chemical fleas & ticks collars, meds for parasites, annually vaccination, food, bad dietary habits, poor quality treats, home cleaning products, candles, floor cleaning and air refreshener. This set can help you to manage the icthiness and the unconfortable time that your dog have with irritated skin.

We have created the most beneficial (from our experience with the products and clients feedback on google and facebook account ) Sensitive Skin Set with powerful natural & organic products that naturally calms the skin from unconfortable period and assist in manage of itchy skin.

Sensitive Skin Set included:

1x Sensitive Shampoo:

A great natural & safe colloidal silver shampoo designed for sensitive skin. The gentle formula shampoo soothes irritation and brings comfort to an itchy pup. An amazing shampoo for the elimination of bad odor, allergies, and skin conditions. The gentle formula soothes irritation and helps to rebuild healthy cells. The shampoo cleans dirt while it smoothes the hair and enhances shine. A natural blend of organic aloe, organic calendula oil, extra virgin organic olive oil, and colloidal silver. Great shampoo for any skin treatment or allergies. 

1x Magic Clay Mask:

Magic Clay Mask is a strong transformation cream that boosts volume and sustains hair texture. Ideal on double and wired coats. Magic Clay Mask deeply nurtures the coat providing coat restoration. It forms a protective layer over injuries and also naturally repels insects. It has a calming and soothing effect on a dog's itchy or traumatised skin, breaking the itch, scratch cycle.

1x First Aid Skin Cream:

The first all-natural ointment for healthy skin. The First Aid Ointment is a combination of natural ingredients that create numerous amazing beneficial properties for your pet’s skin. It is a great help for fast and effective skin regeneration while keeping bacteria away. The benefits of this innovative formula are the following:

- Helps treat scars, scratches & infections
- Soothes rashes and skin irritation
- Helps treat mosquito and flea bites and relieves itching
- Helps treat skin allergies
- Fights eczema & bacteria


On such difficult days for your pet we recommend bathing your pet on your own. Many people when it is bath time, they rush to finish without using the products right. So this is our recommendation:

*First use the Sensitive Shampoo and leave it on appr. 5'-10' minutes, rinse well. Apply the Clay Mask and leave it on the coat for 5-10 minutes, rinse well and dry well with a towel. 

*This Soothing bathing time can be repeted once a week.

First Aid Cream can be used daily up to 3 times on open wounds, hot spot, red skin etc...

For more information you can freely contact us!