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  • Phytonutrients, Antioxidants & Carotenoinds have a huge impact on health

NEW Line

air-dried treats by Organic Dog Chef shop

Protect your pet naturally

new anti-parasitic products SHOP

Healthy daily meals!

Because they deserve BETTER NUTRITION... shop

Organic Pet Care

Natural treatment for skin and more... SHOP

Organic & Holistic Supplements

Phytonutrients, Antioxidants & Carotenoinds have a huge impact on health SHOP


Did you know that dry dog food is made with synthetic vitamins & minerals?

heating & processing in high temperature destroys the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in each ingredient, the Pet Food manufactures know this, they know that their food is deficient so they add a flour of synthetic vitamins & minerals.

Synthetic nutrients are missing all of the naturally occurring essential synergistic co-factors and enzymes that real nutrients. Plus that many times before synthetic vitamins & minerals posed our dogs in health trouble due to the hypervitaminosis of Vitamin D and caused kidney failure and even death.

Learn more about the risk of synthetic nutrients here.


When it comes to nutrition, natural, whole foods are always top dog. Real food nutrients can fuel your dog body not only with viatmins & minerals but also an array list of other nutrients like:

- Antioxidants - Enzymes - Chlorophyll - Pre & Probiotics.

Visit our section of organic & natural supplements and discover the benefits of whole food supplements!


Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are a harmful compound reaction of protein & carbs when heated and processed.

In humans consuming foods high in AGEs contribute to chronic disease such as: kidney failure, diabetes, heart disease, inflammation and oxidative stress.

Furthermore studies on dogs & cats showed that pets eating Dry food & Wet Food have significantly more AGEs than dogs & cats eating Raw Food & Home-Cooked Food.

Don't waste your time, let's together create healthy nutrients rich recipes that are minimally processed and enriched with superfoods!!

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Angelos and Gregoris are both so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They are both always friendly and helpful, never pushy. You can tell how much they care. It makes me so happy to see health-oriented businesses like these thrive! Their organic treats are made locally in Cyprus, they have wonderful accessories from Greece, various health supplements, grooming supplies and a great selection of B.A.R.F. Once you step away from commercially produced junk food you will never go back. Frida is much healthier and happier now.

Kay Kay

What an amazing experience!! For those of you who want the very best in nutrition for your fur babies, this IS the place to go! I had a few questions about my dog’s rare and chronic condition and Dog Chef answered them with as much information as he could find. A few days later he sent me more information, which means he kept searching on my behalf!! I can’t say enough great things about their approach and their diligence to provide the best quality, all natural products with all the benefits for our dogs!


I can highly recommend this shop. They have great products, natural dog food and supplements, the guys have lots of knowledge and they will go above and beyond to help you find what you need for your dog. I first met these guys when my dog had just been diagnosed with aggressive cancer, and I was a heartbroken crying mess. They were so kind and caring, and explained to me what food and supplements I should give my dog. They are not pushy at all, I never felt that they were just after my money or trying to sell a miracle for my dog. They are just genuinely caring and helpful. Both my dogs are now eating raw food and they really like it. Raw food without grains is dogs natural diet. Highly recommended!


Highly recommended !"Organic Dog Chef -fisimono" are the kind of people that they genuinely care for pets and they really know their ingredients! I trusted them because i understood how much they know about organic food,high grade pure ingredients , super foods and many more! My dog cookie is 10 years old and he started a new life with their organic Barf Foods Nutrition.He is more alive and happy now!No bad breath,his coat is shiny and super soft and he also lost some weight!Thanks you guys.

Elene T

The best!! I've tried numerous BARF shops in CY and this place is by far the best.Honest guy who is willing to take time out and help you with any questions you have..Products are amazing you can really tell the difference in the quality of food they sell here compared to other so called 'BARF' shops..Will never go anywhere else now..If you love your dog and want to give him the best then this is the place to come!

Chris Socrates


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Limassol: Georgiou Griva Digeni Street 89A 3101, 25101919

Larnaca: Faneromenis Aveune 147 6031, 24103500

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